Why Colour Experts Make All The Difference – G7 Certification

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Understanding how your graphic will look when printed on a large format machine is almost as important as the design itself. Many people think that it should be simple to produce what they see on screen. They believe that their graphic supplier should just be able to press print and out comes the perfect graphic. This could not be further from the truth!

Being able to hit the exact colour from your design across all of the mediums that print shops carry, is an art in itself. One that many large format graphic suppliers have not been able to master.

So you may be asking yourself. How do I know if my supplier is capable of matching my exact colour? This is where the G7 colour certification comes into play. Many large brands such as Coca-Cola require that any print provider has this Master Seal before they can even consider to work with them.

G7 Master Seal

Essentially, any shop with the G7 badge is considered to be a colour expert. Idealliance , who is the company that provides the certification, has put together a rigorous training program and extensive tests for all machines in the shop to ensure that any company that has the G7 master badge can firmly stand behind all graphics that they provide.

Any shop with this seal of approval will also have a certified colour expert on staff. That particular person is usually in charge of matching proof-to print across any process that their print shop provides.

Now, after reading all of that you might be wondering, shouldn’t all print shops be able to match my exact colour? That is their business. The short answer is no. Many shops do not invest the time and money that it takes to be a true colour expert. Leaving their clients dissatisfied with the graphic they have produced.

Imaged Advertising Creations has taken the time and invested the money to acquire this master seal of approval. We are one of the only G7 certified dye sublimation printers in Canada and are proud to say that we have a 99% success rate when it comes to colour matching.

For more information on the G7 Master Certification please follow the link below.


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