How to Lease Your Retail Space in No Time!

With more and more condo developments including lower retail space in their design, leasing opportunities are at an abundance. Due to this trend, real estate agents are having to find unique ways to market their space to potential businesses. Being able to think outside the box will leverage your vacant space to become the most desired rental unit in the area.

Creating a vision in the mind of the potential unit renter through high quality window graphics is a great way to increase interest in the space. In this article we are going to discuss the unique benefits of this application.


Utilizing high quality graphics creates another avenue in which you can reach your potential target audience. Condominium complexes are, for the most part, located in high traffic areas with a diverse range of people being exposed to your space on a daily basis. Creating an idea generator while notifying potential customers that the space is up for lease can all be achieved through the use of properly placed window graphics.

Idea Generation

It is completely up to you as the real estate agent to make the decision on which graphics you believe will be most effective for your application. However, a few of our clients have seen great success when they use images that emulate what a store could potentially look like in that space. This immediately sparks creativity in the eyes of business owner and allows them to envision the space as if it were their own.

Increase Leads

Lead generation is name of the game when it comes to leasing any retail space. Using high-quality window graphics as their only marketing tool, our clients have seen an increase in qualified leads and maintained their overall budget. This has led to decreased on-market times and allowed their team to quickly move onto their next project.

Covering Up Construction

Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to selling a condominium building. In most cases, residence have moved in before the building is fully complete. The ongoing construction can be a massive eye soar to the ever-increasing traffic of condo owners. Using window graphics to hide this mess can be a multifunctional option for any developer.

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