The importance of following printing templates

As a client you want the best result from your printing company. Trust us, printing companies want the same thing. When desiging artwork for specialty prooducts such as the flag above, it is important to remember that the templates your printing company gives you are there to help you. To ensure that your prints come out the best, always follow the guide lines provided in the template.

At IAC our templates are custom made by our pre-press department. These are the men and women that make sure your product is of the highest of quality. So they know exactly what guidelines to put in our templates to ensure that you (the customer) are always satisfied.

However our templates can only do so much, as the client there is some responsibility on your part to make sure you follow some of the following guidelines.

Always Make Sure To Include Bleed

It is important to remember that you must extend any colour and photos, that are close to the “finish edge” of the template, to the bleed guide line. Doing this will ensure that there is no white lines or imperfections where you expected there to be colour.

Watch Out For The Stitch Line

On certain custom printing products such as flags and tablecloths there is going to be a stitch line on certain areas of the fabric. Our templates show you this as a guide and they are there as a precaution. IAC recommends that you put very minimal content on these stitch lines as the content may not come out on the final product as hoped.

Be Sure To Flip Content For Double Sided Products

When dealing with double sided products it is important to remember that, when printed, any graphics and wording will read opposite. Make sure that you design your templates this way. Check out the image below for reference.

Knowing how to use templates will not only help our production team but it will allow your project to get completed on time and without a hiccup. We appreciate you taking the time to read these instructions and wish you the best of luck with your future custom printing projects.


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